In the meantime I worked a lot of samplers – pattern cloths, pattern-pillows, pattern-table-runners.

My pattern room

Mein Musterzimmer
But whenever I think of “my sampler”, I think of that first and largest one. While working on it, I considered regis­tering it in the Guinness book of records. Had any single person, besides me, embroidered 321 different Satin stitch and Square Eyelet patterns on an area of 1.70 m X 2.70 m, taking a total of 1450 embroidery hours?

My pattern squares

Meine Muster­quadrate
Each of the squares of my sampler measures 10 cm X 10 cm. Because the cloth was so wide and long, ironing was very difficult. The sampler was finished by making it into a quilt including a fleece inner layer and a backing. Finally, it was quilted by machine.

My sampler

Mein Mustertuch
If one considers that a full-time job is generally calculated at 40 hours per week, I had taken more than 36 weeks, or three quarters of a year, full-time work to complete my sampler. And I really do not work slowly!

However, it took me three years of inter­mittent work to complete the finishing process.

My patterns

Meine Muster
The sampler was worked on even-weave linen with a 14 per cm thread count. All patterns are Limet patterns meaning that every fourth fabric thread is withdrawn both lengthwise and crosswise.

  1. Me encanta tu trabajo, muy lindo!!

  2. Me parece espectacular tu trabajo, muy elaborado y hermoso. Felicitaciones

    • Gracias
      Mi idea de crear un patrón de búsqueda común en todo el mundo se vuelve más concreta. Quizás también quieras bordar.

  3. Luzine claro que sí quiero bordar Schwalm, me parece hermosa esa técnica y los diseños son muy bonitos. Felicitaciones por tu trabajo.

  4. Your work is outstanding and amazing. I have been embroidering since I was four and now I am 68 years old. I love your work!
    Many thanks for your presence in the web and many blessings to you and your family!

  5. This really is a fabulous effort Luzine and an heirloom showing your wonderful talents to be admired and treasured. Congratulations!

  6. Estou adorando seus trabalhos! São lindos! Já conseguir fazer cópia de 2 trabalhos. Muito obrigada!
    Ich liebe deine Arbeiten! Sie sind schön! Ich konnte bereits zwei Werke nacharbeiten. Vielen Dank.
    I love your works! They are beautiful! I have already been able to rework two projects. Thank you very much.

    • Obrigado, é bom quando o bordado é recriado.
      Danke, es ist schön, wenn die Stickereien nachempfunden werden.
      Thank you, it’s nice when the embroidery is recreated.

  7. Sehr schöne Muster. Ich mache Hardanger Arbeiten. Da kann man die Muster gut dazu nehmen. Vielen Dank. sehe ich richtig das es auch ein Buch gibt? Wenn ja wo kann ich das bestellen?

    • Ja, einige Muster sind vielseitig einsetzbar, nicht nur in Schwälmer Weißstickerei. Inzwischen gibt es einige Bücher mit unterschiedlichen Flächenfüllmustern. Schauen Sie doch am besten mal in meinen Shop. Sollte Beratungsbedarf bestehen, können Sie mir auch gern eine Email senden.

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