In the meantime I worked a lot of samplers – pattern cloths, pattern-pillows, pattern-table-runners.

My pattern room

Mein Musterzimmer
But whenever I think of “my sampler”, I think of that first and largest one. While working on it, I considered regis­tering it in the Guinness book of records. Had any single person, besides me, embroidered 321 different Satin stitch and Square Eyelet patterns on an area of 1.70 m X 2.70 m, taking a total of 1450 embroidery hours?

My pattern squares

Meine Muster­quadrate
Each of the squares of my sampler measures 10 cm X 10 cm. Because the cloth was so wide and long, ironing was very difficult. The sampler was finished by making it into a quilt including a fleece inner layer and a backing. Finally, it was quilted by machine.

My sampler

Mein Mustertuch
If one considers that a full-time job is generally calculated at 40 hours per week, I had taken more than 36 weeks, or three quarters of a year, full-time work to complete my sampler. And I really do not work slowly!

However, it took me three years of inter­mittent work to complete the finishing process.

My patterns

Meine Muster
The sampler was worked on even-weave linen with a 14 per cm thread count. All patterns are Limet patterns meaning that every fourth fabric thread is withdrawn both lengthwise and crosswise.

  1. Me encanta tu trabajo, muy lindo!!

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