Basic Principles of Schwalm Whitework

  • Text: English
  • 88 pages; colour
  • more than 350 pictures
  • Plastic comb binding

English edition of „Grundlagen der Schwälmer Weißstickerei“
described in great detail and illustrated step-by-step instructions
– by example of and old and traditional Schwalm design and including outline pattern template –

For more information please look in library“.”

29,90 €

(incl. 7% sales tax & plus Shipping)
(27,94€ for customers outside the EU.)

  1. How to buy to send to Portugal?

    • Hello Maria Eliana,

      I answered your comments via email. But unfortunately the emails came back as undeliverable. So here is my answer.

      1. You can order the book “Basic Principles of Schwalm Whitework” directly via email. It has a price of EURO 29.90 and in addition is the shipping price of EURO 3.96 to Portugal. If it is okay for you, I will send a direct PayPal invoice. PayPal also accepts credit card payments.
      Please tell me.

      2. There are some different books with many stitches. Do you know of square eyelets? Then I would suggest the “Limetrosen I” book (35,00 € + shipping), or do you want to work openwork? Then I would suggest “Openwork Needleweaving Patterns” (29,90 € + shipping)

      If there is any other question, please mail me.


  2. Hi
    I have a copy of this book and a kit I bought at the Schwalm museum in Schwalmstadt.
    I have a question regarding getting the transfer ink out of the linen.
    The book says to soak it overnight then to “cook” it.
    Could you please explain what you mean by “cook it”
    If it is easier to explain in German my husband can translate for me.
    Kind Regards


  3. This is a great addition to anyone’s sewing library. Whether a beginner or advanced, there is much to be learned in this.
    Luzine Happel is a wonderful teacher and excellent to do business with…she is extremely fast and efficient and her book is wonderful.

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