Schwalm Embroidery - Christine Bishop
Schwalm Embroidery

Schwalm Embroidery
Christine Bishop

– Techniques and Designs –

  • Sally Milner Publishing, Bowral NSW, Australia 1999
  • Text: English
  • 112 pages, 12 of them coloured with photos and detailed photos of finished pieces.

In her book, Christine Bishop attempts to describe (in 74 pages) ten different projects of varying complexity. She does this with a lot of text and illustrations. In addition, the illustrations are not always immediately understandable. Unfortunately, because of the scope of content she wishes to present, she is unable to comprehensively explain project details. So, the book is not suitable for teaching oneself Schwalm Whitework.

In the back of the book are 7 small outline designs and 10 pages of hand-drawn stitch diagrams.

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