Guida al ricamo d´Assia - Stefania Bressan
Guida al ricamo d´Assia

Guida al ricamo d´Assia
Stefania Bressan

  • Il Castello, Milano, Italy 2009
  • Text. Italian
  • 64 pages, colour

After a short introduction to the characteristics of Schwalm Whitework, there is a materials list and tips for transferring the design onto the fabric.

20 different Limet filling patterns are shown in photos and good schematic pictures. Most of the patterns do not entail withdrawing of fabric threads.

Also shown: 5 seamless Openwork patterns and 4 Openwork centre motifs. Some of these are shown only schematically.

A stitch glossary, 7 different outline designs and pictures of finished pieces are following.

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