Musterheft - Edda Ditter
Musterheft (pattern book) Volume 3

Musterheft (pattern book) Volume 3
Edda Ditter

  • Self-published 1999
  • Text: German
  • 67 pages, black/white

The pictures of all three volumes are not always clear. Often the pictures look like bad photocopies. The short descriptions and line drawings can be understood only by experienced embroiderers. However, she has collected very many patterns; nowhere else can one find so many.

Volume 3 includes 67 Limet patterns, 34 Openwork patterns, 7 Needlelace Bands, 8 Needlelace filling patterns, 20 Needleweaving Bands with wrapped bundles, 22 other hem decorations and 28 possibilities for Needleweaving hem corners.

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