Limetrosen II - Luzine Happel
Limetrosen II

Limetrosen II
Luzine Happel

  • Self-published 2009
  • Text: German
  • 91 pages, colour; plastic comb binding
  • with a table of contents showing each pattern for ease in locating instructions

This book is an extension of the first volume. As mentioned before, there are three groups: simple, double and warped Eyelets and their respective parts. If Limetrosen I shows exclusive patterns built by parts of a single group, Limetrosen II uses combinations of parts of all groups. So a wide variety of new, very interesting filling patterns is created.

Included are 82 different patterns, all described in easy to understand step-by-step pictures with few words.

There are tips for efficient working order and for choosing the right pattern for a specific motif.

All patterns included can also be used for pulled thread work.

One can look into the book in “shop”.

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