Randabschlüsse - Luzine Happel

Luzine Happel
– including corners –

– described in great detail and illustrated with step-by-step instructions –

  • Self-published 2004
  • Text: German
  • 88 pages, colour, stapled

Herein one can find everything from Antique Hem stitch across Four-Sided stitches, Peahole, Double Peahole, Wave stitches, Honeycomb Darning stitches, Herringbone stitches, Satin stitches, Needleweaving hems, Limet pattern hems to Openwork pattern hems, both single and in many combinations and with different corners.

Included are four methods for building corners – the open corner, the solid corner, the semi-open corner and the mitred corner – with different modifications.

Beginning with withdrawing the threads for building the corners up to finishing the project, all is described in great detail and shown in step-by-step pictures.

One can look into the book in “shop“.

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