Saumbaukasten - Luzine Happel

Luzine Happel

  • Self-published 2004
  • Text: German
  • 50 sheets, black/white; loose-leaf in a folder
  • French text leaflet; self-published 2009

Saumbaukasten is completes and expands Randabschlüsse.

It is made for embroiderers who wish to decorate their different pieces with always a different hem It is also for embroiderers who wish to decorate a cloth only with an elaborate combination of different hem stitches.

On 22 pages, one can find the pictures of 22 different Needleweaving hems and Needleweaving hems with wrapped bundles, as well as the schematic description for working them. On 22 additional pages, one can find 76 different elements of hems – all are compatible. So one can find Four Sided stitches (in single or multiple rows), Peaholes, Satin stitch bands, Herringbone stitches, Wave stitches, Honeycomb Darning stitches, Openwork hems and the most beautiful Needleweaving hems.

So, after cutting out the individual paper elements, one can arrange them in different combinations. One can find by playful experimenting, the best suited hem combination (without investing the time of actually stitching a test hem combination). On the one hand, this is very fun, and on the other hand, one will be surprised by the wide variety of hem decorations.

The remaining pages show different corners and some tips (e.g.for withdrawing the threads).

One can look into the book in “shop”.

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