Advent Calendar 2019 – No. 19

Roof of the Stable

Both parts of the roof were outlined with Slanting Wide Stem stitches (coton à broder No. 16). The outlines end before reaching the star.

A Limet grid was established inside the outlines and not going past their end points.

As filling pattern I decided for Federkleid (Limetrosen II) worked staggered at the opening and covering the thread ends.

On the opposite side of the roof the pattern was worked mirrored. (Later I got the idea to work the roof with a more modest pattern – couching (Early Schwalm Whitework)
would be perfect, but I had already withdrew the threads.)

Advent Calendar 2019 – No. 18

Walls of the Stable

For the walls of the stable I withdrew threads only in one direction. On the left wall I stopped a small step before reaching the bottom edge.

Satin stitch bars (coton à broder No. 20) were worked – at the bottom the Satin stitch bars continued a few stitches beyond where the thread withdrawal stopped. In this way the thread ends are covered very well.

At the top, the walls adjoin to the roof.

On the right, the wall meets the truss of straw at the bottom. Working the bars in order from right to left and always from the bottom to top made the embroidery easy.

Advent Calendar 2019 – No. 17

Large Star

The outline of the large star shows a double star. When stitching one example, I ignored the inside lines and worked filling pattern No. 540 over the entire shape.

This time I added additional marking lines inside the background points

and covered them with Wide Stem stitches (coton à broder No. 16).

A Limet grid with a square in the center

was established.

A variation of Honeycomb Darning stitches (worked around a center square) – Filling Pattern No. 551

was worked as the filling pattern.

This pattern develops its full appearance only after boiling, starching, and ironing.

Advent Calendar 2019 – No. 16

Wise Men (3b)

All remaining outlines were worked with Slanting Wide Stem stitches (coton à broder No. 16).
In the coat a Limet grid was established.

Because the area is large enough, a pattern with a wider segment can be worked. I decided on the beautiful pattern with double Stars (Pattern No. 19, Stars). This pattern is sufficiently different to stand out against the pattern of the figure beside it.

The collar was worked with Blanket stitches. Cape and sleeve got a Limet grid – please be careful to withdraw the threads inside the different shapes staggered to the adjacent ones to avoid slipping out the remaining thread ends under the Stem stitches.

The sleeve got a variation of Rose stitches – the single stitches are worked over only two of the three fabric threads (coton à broder No. 25). So between the Rose stitches one thread on each side remains.

Working this way establishes a fine pattern appearance.

In contrast, the cape was filled with the double square eyelet pattern Kaskade (Limetrosen II).

I really like how the third Wise Man turned out,

and the group of three is beautiful.

Advent Calendar 2019 – No. 15

Wise Men (3a)

The embroidery starts with the hair. It was worked with Stem stitches (coton à broder No. 20). Next the facial outline was embroidered.

The base of the crown was worked with Satin stitch knife points (2 strands of 6-ply stranded cotton), the bottom outline with wrapped Back stitches, and the remaining outline of the crown with Stem stitches (both coton à broder No. 20).

The crown got additional decoration with Blanket stitch eyelets (coton à broder No. 25)

The outline of the hand was worked with short wrapped Back stitches (coton à broder No. 20).

So that the small curves of the fingers turn out well, wrapping changed at the curve. It was being made downwards from the outside inwards

so, at the curve it was made upwards from the inside outwards. In this way the working thread makes curves at the bottom and the top points of the fingers.

The bottom part of the vessel was outlined with wrapped Back stitches, the lid of the vessel with Coral Knot stitches.

The vessel got a pattern worked with Chain stitches (all coton à broder No. 20), and the lid’s knob was made with a Blanket stitch tear drop (coton à broder No. 25).