Next in line is a floating angel.

The design measures about 10 cm X 10 cm. It was stitched on Weddigen linen with a 13.5/cm thread count.

Also this figure was made to be cut out.

The hair was stitched with couching (Early Schwalm Whitework) using coton à broder No. 16 for the laid threads and No. 30 for the couching stitches.

I looked for a matching pattern to fill the prominent wing and decided for a variation of “Federkleid” (=feathers; Limetrosen II).

Shoes and hands are outlined with Blanket stitches.

The dress was filled with the openwork pattern “God´s acre” (Openwork Needleweaving Patterns). I like this pattern very much. It runs slanting but not diagonal, making it difficult to find an appropriate shape for this special pattern. But here I think it turned out pretty.

Boiled, starched, ironed, and cut out the floating angel decorates fir branches as an ornament. And now it does not look as large as in the beginning.
Later this ornament will be hung on the Christmas tree in white.

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