Peaholes at corners will look perfect only if full Peaholes are worked on both sides of the corner,

and not as shown in the example below.

A Peahole is made by bundling vertical fabric threads using two rows of Four-Sided stitches and then drawing together two of those bundles. So one Peahole needs two bundles, and that means a Peahole hem must have an even number of Four-Sided stitches. For short hems counting out the number of Four-Sided stitches is no problem, but it is cumbersome to count out longer hems. So, a small trick can help

Four-Sided stitches are worked from left to right, bundling usually four vertical fabric threads each stitch.
Work the two rows of Four-Sided stitches as established and stop short before reaching the corner. Let the working threads remain there.

Peaholes are worked from right to left. So, turn the piece now 180°.
This enables a start at the prepared corner to work Peaholes.

Reaching the opposite side, it is no problem to adjust the remaining Four-Sided stitches to the needed number

by working some of them over only three threads

– if more bundles are needed –

or by working some of them over five threads – if less bundles are needed.

A perfect hem arrangement is the result!

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