Wise Men (1b)

Then I forgot to photograph some steps. I wanted to use a beautiful filling pattern for the coat of the Wise Men – Little Stars and Rose Stitches (Stars, pattern 13). Because it is difficult to work this pattern into small shapes, I decided to work the pattern in one step. Therefore I embroidered only the outline edges (coton à broder No. 16) of the pattern area, worked the pattern (coton à broder No.30) and added the missing outlines for the sleeve afterwards.

Because the marking lines could only be slightly seen through the pattern, it was not easy to work the Slanting Wide Stem stitches on top of the pattern. But working the pattern was easy without having to make adjustments at the dividing lines.

The lining got a Limet Rose stitch pattern.

For the sleeve cuff I looked for a modest pattern and decided on Rose stitches again. But because of the small pattern area, they were worked on a grid leave 2 – cut 1.

In this way I could place enough Rose stitches to get a nice pattern appearance. In the lining I should have done the same grid.

The vessel was decorated with Van Dyke stitches (Early Schwalm Whitework) and Blanket stitches. The hand was left unworked.

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