Wise Men (2b)

All remaining outlines were worked, except the inside lines for the sleeves.
The linings of the sleeves were underlaid with Chain stitches.
So that the filling pattern can line up on both sections on either side of the vessel, one horizontal thread reaching in both sections was withdrawn.

From there the Limet grid was established.

A Röserich filling pattern – No. 453 A 1 – (The most beautiful Röserich Filling Patterns) was worked (coton à broder No. 20). And even if the pattern segments are somewhat wider, adjusting the pattern to the shape turns out well.

Then the missing line for the sleeve was worked on top of the pattern.

The same was done on the opposite side

and on the skirt of the coat. The padding of the sleeve lining was covered with Satin stitches. Satin stitches were also worked for the neck cloth. The scarf and the hands remain unembellished.

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