Schwalm Bird Wedding Designs

For me bird motifs in Schwalm whitework are particularly attractive and extremely interesting. So I asked the designer Christa Waldmann to create a design in which bird representations play a major role. She has accomplished a masterly feat and designed a total of 14 different pairs of birds – always in conjunction with other suitable motifs typical for Schwalm whitework. Since the birds are always arranged in pairs, I called the drawings “bird wedding patterns.” As in nature, there are small and large, inconspicuous and eye-catching specimens. You can easily use the individual motif groupings for things like table runners or pillows.

Because I had so much fun embroidering these motifs, I embroidered them twice – once as a “bird wedding sampler” and then as a border around a square cloth. Visitors to my exhibition will surely have fond memories of both pieces.

Now I offer the extraordinary drawings in my shop for downloading. In addition to the original size motif groupings, the layout and dimensions for a sampler and examples of the arrangement of a square and an octagonal cloth can be found there.

Finally, thirty-four photos of the embroidered motif groupings will provide you with a lot of inspiration.

Bird Wedding Designs
• line-drawn designs
• 19 pages, text: English
• 7.48 MB file size
• in addition 34 images with examples of different embroidered bird motifs
• 25.00 EUR (incl. 7.00 % sales tax)
(23.36 EUR for customers outside the EU)


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