Fillings of Interspaces

In Schwalm whitework it is common to fill the areas between or around large motifs with small elements of surface embroidery; these establish a nice contrast to the simple large figures embroidered with withdrawn-thread patterns.

There is a long list of possible small elements used in the Schwalm. Most common are spiral-shaped tendrils embroidered with Coral Knot stitches; undivided and divided Satin stitch leaves; divided and rounded, but sometimes also undivided and pointed, Blanket stitch leaves; Blanket stitch eyelets – sometimes surrounded with Eyelash stitches, Blanket stitch half-eyelet scallops, or 2 short-2 long stitches; circles, tulips, or hearts embroidered with Satin stitches; curved lines; now and then French Knots; rarely Bullion Knots. All of these are used to fill the open areas.

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