Global Schwalm Sampler – Update (10)

Today I can present four new contributions to the global sampler.

Ann Clare from United Kingdom has designed a nice squared floral motif.

She wrote: “I´ve enjoyed doing it, even if its schwalmness is questionable!”

May be it is not typical Schwalm, but she used a variety of different early Schwalm filling patterns. In addition, she added leaves, tendrils, eyelets, small flowers, and a small heart. So she established a wonderful contribution to the Global Sampler project.

Jacqueline Blanot from France submitted already two different embroidery designs to the Global Sampler project. Jacqueline places high demands on herself when it comes to embroidery. She wants to always stitch perfect pieces. She was not 100% satisfied with her first two contributions – although both are beautiful and well done. This is good for the sampler project, because she decided to embroider a third piece! This time she succeeded in an absolute masterpiece – a beautiful classic Schwalm design filled with perfect stitches!

She wrote: “My third piece is very traditional, purely Schwalm. I hope you will enjoy it. You do not have to send back the other ones, my pleasure is to make them, rather than to keep them.”

Margaret Morgan lives in Queensland, Australia. She designed a pretty regional flower. Margaret has filled the not-so-easy-to-embroider design with a variety of patterns from fine stitches.

She wrote: “I have stitched a Cooktown Orchid which is the floral emblem for the State of Queensland in Australia. I chose the Cooktown Orchid because it lent itself to the Schwalm technique.”

Carol Stacey, an embroidery teacher from Australia, also chose a typical regional plant for her embroidery – leaves and blossoms of a gum tree. With contrasting filling patterns and fine stitches, the teacher made a very individual and impressive contribution, too.

She wrote: “Social isolation during the Covid 19 epidemic has enabled me to spend time admiring the majestic Australian eucalypt trees (or gum trees as we call them) around our home. I love their variety of leaves and blossoms and it is a pleasure to highlight them in Schwalm technique.”

You can see more contributions in Update 9.

  1. How fortunate you are Luzine to see all the beautiful embroideries up close!

    I love the elegant gum leaves.

    • Hopefully any day the finished sampler will travel around the world for exhibitions, so that people all over can see the beautiful embroideries close up too.

  2. Es ist ein Wunder, so viele Gleichgesinnte und ich bin dabei! Ich kann es nicht fassen. Eine „wunderbare Pandemie“.

  3. These pieces are breathtaking! Thank you for sharing. Now I’m going g to learn about Schwalme.

    • Thank you, Ruth. The Schwalm is a very, very small region of the world. But the special whitework they established there is so much interesting and richly diverse, that now people all around the world like to embroider Schwalm – and as it is seen in the contributions to the Global Sampler with great success.

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