I am happy to report that many more embroiderers have announced their contributions to the Global Schwalm Sampler. I hope that they will arrive by the end of July. So, if you would like to take part in this global project, it is not too late! Small embroideries with single motifs such as flowers, stars, or stars as openwork patterns, birds, and other natural motifs are welcome.

Global Schwalm Sampler – Update (11)

Three more contributions to the Global Sampler have arrived.

Nancy Tozer from Canada used a design from my website and filled the tulip blossom with a beautiful and perfect stitched pattern – we call it Röserich.

She wrote: “I am not experienced in Schwalm technique. I have stitched one previous item in the Schwalm style. But I decided to accept the challenge and to participate in the global pandemic project.
I chose to stitch a tulip. After a long Canadian winter, the design brings memories of spring, the return of warmer weather, new growth, new beginnings, new hope.”

Judy Chen from Taiwan is an experienced embroiderer. Her design is typical for Schwalm, and her stitches are excellent.

She wrote: “The design concept is simple and the patterns are traditional.
The centre of the design represents our community, closely knit together and connecting us with one another. The surrounding flower and heart symbolizes hope and love, which keeps us together throughout the challenges of current times safely.”

Susanne Nüsse from Germany created a pretty squirrel. The long-time teacher used different Limet filling patterns and worked a needle lace medallion for the focal point of her elaborate piece.

She wrote – roughly translated: “I chose the squirrel as the motif for my contribution to the Global Sampler. I have always admired squirrels with my children and made it our heraldic animal in reference to our name – Nüsse = nuts.
It is located on our doorstep sign, on my business card and now also in the embroidery for the Global Schwalm Sampler.
Since I am currently dealing with needle lace, it was immediately clear to me that I also have to incorporate one into my squirrel motif.”

You can see more contributions in Update 10.

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