Global Schwalm Sampler – Update (25)

Finally, the last of the promised contributions has been received. So this blog post will be the last in the series showing a great online exhibition of Schwalm whitework. The sampler will be made of so many stunning, unique, and various embroideries.

Thanks to all the talented contributors. Their work inspires awe in so many embroiderers all over the world!

An embroiderer from Germany, who wishes to remain anonymous, has donated an excellently worked contribution to the joint project. She chose a rainbow as the subject of her piece, and I think this motif happens to be the perfect end to the embroideries that have been collected from all over the world. She named her project Schwälmer GSM-Regenbogen (=Global Schwalm Sampler Rainbow).

She wrote – roughly translated: “I chose the rainbow because it is considered an old (biblical) symbol for connectedness. It should represent the global connection of all submitted work on this GSS.

Here it is formed from five ring segments, which are supposed to represent the five continents (inside out according to size): Australia, Europe, Africa, America, Asia.

The half-eyelet scallops represent clouds.

The lower line made of knot stitch with the spirals is supposed to symbolize the seas connecting all continents.

The heart, as a typical Schwalm motif, was chosen by me as a symbol for the love of all female embroiderers and of course also male stitchers for this art of embroidery. Because without love for this beautiful and sophisticated embroidery technique, this project would hardly have been realized.

The small sun (or flower) over the heart motif should represent my wish that the art of embroidery should blossom again and again. It is such a beautiful expression of human creativity – just like the diversity of nature.”

With the apt words of Mimi Chan, that she generously has allowed me to use, I would like to end this series of introductions to the individual contributions:

In the world of embroidery, there is no boundary.

We love the art, regardless of its technique, where it is made and who made it.

We love this art, not only the finished piece but also the process of making it.

We love this art, which brings peace to our mind and heals our soul.

We look forward to seeing all the small pieces of Schwalm Whitework from different parts of the world sewed up to be ONE.

You can see more contributions in Update 24.

  1. What a beautiful interpretation of the connectedness of embroiderers all over this world, especially in these troubling times. Thank you Luzine and all the wonderful contributors.

    Frei übersetzt: Was für eine schöne Interpretation der Verbundenheit von StickerInnen auf der ganzen Welt, besonders in diesen schwierigen Zeiten. Vielen Dank an Luzine und all die wunderbaren Mitwirkenden.

  2. Every Saturday morning, for all these weeks, I have enjoyed the articles about the different embroideries submitted. I love that there are many, from so many diverse countries and talented embroiderers. So now, Luzine, you have your work cut out for you putting them all together ! I am certain that the completed project will be so much more than the sum of its parts. Thank you.

    Frei übersetzt:
    Während all dieser Wochen habe ich jeden Samstagmorgen die Artikel über die verschiedenen eingereichten Stickereien genossen. Ich finde es toll, dass es viele aus so vielen verschiedenen Ländern und von so vielen talentierten Stickerinnen gibt. Also, Luzine, du hast es jetzt nicht leicht mit der Zusammenstellung ! Ich bin sicher, dass das abgeschlossene Projekt so viel mehr sein wird als die Summe seiner Teile. Dankeschön.

  3. I sigh as I see these beautiful examples. I am so new at this and keep practicing. I so wish there was not the ocean between us as I feel your beautiful souls and know we are great friends. Thank you so much for sharing and I cannot wait to see the finished piece.


    frei übersetzt: Ich seufze, wenn ich diese schönen Beispiele sehe. Ich bin erst Anfängerin und übe weiter. Ich wünschte, es gäbe keinen Ozean zwischen uns. Da wir seelenverwandt sind, wären wir sicher gute Freunde. Vielen Dank für das Teilen und ich kann es kaum erwarten, das fertige Stück zu sehen.

  4. Definitivamente el Bordado es una de las artes en donde podemos expresar todo aquello que con palabras es difícil decir, y nos inspira a las que deseamos aprender este arte a esforzarnos en hacerlo bien. Gracias por compartir.

    frei übersetzt: Stickerei ist definitiv eine der Künste, in denen wir alles, was schwer mit Worten zu sagen ist, ausdrücken können, und es inspiriert diejenigen von uns, die diese Kunst lernen wollen, danach zu streben, es gut zu machen. Danke für das Teilen.

    roughly translated: Embroidery is definitely one of the arts where we can express everything that is difficult to say with words, and it inspires those of us who want to learn this art to strive to do it well. Thanks for sharing.

  5. What a wonderful contribution!

    The symbolized design touches my heart.
    I can imagine over the 5 Continents 7 coloured rainbow.

    Thank you so much in advance♡

    frei übersetzt:
    Welch ein wundervoller Beitrag!
    Das symbolisierte Design berührt mein Herz.
    Ich kann mir einen siebenfarbigen Regenbogen vorstellen, der sich über alle 5 Kontinente erstreckt.

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