Global Schwalm Sampler – Update (28)

With my scaled down paper templates, I tried out different arrangements.

Please remember the guidelines I set: The inner part of the sampler containing all the contributions should not be higher than 2.10 m. Similar motifs should be distributed as evenly as possible over the area. And the whole thing should end in a rectangle that is completely covered with the donated contributions without gaps.

Arranged in strips, the parts are easiest to join together to form a rectangle. The strip division also has another advantage: the finished sampler can be easily folded up for shipping without the embroidered parts getting creases.

Since the rectangle will be wider than it is high, I decided to use vertical stripes. After endless hours of puzzling, trimming, assembling, and discarding, I finally had the solution – at least on paper. All 92 embroideries fit seamlessly into a rectangle. Then the inner part of the sampler is about 2.04 m high and about 2.84 wide. There will be a circumferential edge of about 16 cm in addition.

Using my paper templates, I made a rough, not 100% accurate, graphic representation to get an impression of the finished sampler. The width of the dividing lines that can be seen is roughly true to scale.

The strips can still be swapped with one another or the order in the strips can still be changed if this does not affect the distribution of the motifs. I’ll try that with the original embroidery, and then I will show you the result.

I am happy that I have completed this important step!

Now I can calculate the amount of material needed and look around for suitable fabric for the connecting strips.

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