Complementing Schwalm Whitework embroidery is the unique world of … the CROWNS!

Splendid white embroidered linens for very special occasions were decorated with crowns.

Here’s a little challenge for you. Take a few motifs such as:

  • hearts
  • tulips or other flower shapes
  • baskets
  • circles
  • leaves
  • stems and
  • tendrils
  • and, using them, try to create a design with a width of at least 15 cm.

    How many different designs – not only nuances – can one make using such a small range of design elements?


    I have been astonished to learn of the aesthetic sense and extreme creativity of our forebears when they created such wonderful patterns and designs.
    Yet it was very difficult for outsiders to come by those crown designs.

    Many years ago I began to collect such Schwalm designs. Some of them are nearly two hundred years old.

    16.02.11 043

    Currently, I own the princely number of more than 150 pieces! This treasure I want to share with you.
    I have hired a designer to recreate, using today’s technology, all the beautiful Schwalm designs in my collection.

    I have assigned to myself the task of embroidering all the designs – spending hours, days and even months to complete them.

    Now the result is nearly tangible; stay tuned!
    View it here!

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    1. I just saw your website this morning and I love the crowns. I am teaching Italian Embroidery for the month of January. I will ask my ladies if they would like to place an order for books with crowns.

      I am pleased to see all the new books you have now published.
      Good Work
      Erma Scrimgeour

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