Actually, I show – with very few exceptions – only projects of Schwalm whitework on my blog. However, many embroiderers are interested in trying out different techniques. One of them is Heather Harteneck from Florida/US. She loves to embroider Schwalm whitework, but has used the last few years to create a magnificent Boutis. When she sent me the pictures, I was completely thrilled. Since I think other viewers would also be delighted by the result, I show – with Heather’s permission – the photos here.

The pattern for the boutis is an original pattern obtained from France.

Heather’s Boutis is an impressive size, measuring 130cm x 150cm. How many stitches do you think it took to create this variety of patterns?

Batiste was chosen for the surface, the back is made of altar linen.

An incredible 1100g cotton yarn was needed for the filling. How much sensitivity do you need to underlay the individual sample parts so precisely and evenly?

Heather writes: I worked on this for about 8 years with maybe a 2-3 year ‘break’ as I got frustrated a lot!

I learned a lot.

Against the light, the patterns with their differently thick fillings come into their own in an attractive way.

Many more pictures and information can be found on Heather’s website.

  1. Thank you Luzine ! You are very kind

  2. Quel magnifique ouvrage bravo Madame..Je suis moi-même passionnée de broderie blanche et suis émerveillée lorsque je vois de si beaux ouvrages..

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