Similar to the needle-weaving cushion C, the woven stripe runs in the middle between the needle-weving bands.

This time, however, three needle-weving bands of different widths were worked mirrored on both sides of the stripe. The distance between the single needle-weaving bands is approx. 2 centimetres.

They are 2-unit, 3-unit and 5-unit patterns.

The 2-unit is a needle-weaving hem with wrapped bundles and has a segment of five bundles.

This is followed by two-piece block patterns with spiders, once worked over 3 and once over 5 units.
The 3-unit pattern has a segment of 8 bundles, the 5-unit one of 14 bundles.

Similar to the needle-waeving band of pillow B, the needle-weaving bands on this pillow only run across the front. The ends were secured with Blanket stitches and decorated with half-eyelet scallops. The needle-waeving was tied to the remaining fabric at the level of every one and a half unit.

In my documentation Schwalm Needle-Weaving Bands I have already shown 193 (!) different patterns .

Information on the individual categories and detailed descriptions of the working methods can be found in Lesson #4 – Needle-Weaving Band Sampler.

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