Ute Hogen from Germany is a frequent embroiderer. She masters almost all embroidery techniques, but Schwalm whitework has become her favorite variant. I’m always amazed at the speed at which she realizes even large projects.
Ute Hogen doesn’t just embroider to enjoy her work – for her, embroidering is therapy. Seriously ill with rheumatism, she had to put up with a number of operations. To keep their fingers flexible, they have to be trained for hours every day – and embroidery helps with that. The doctors are always amazed at how she manages to regain her flexibility after having to fix her hands and fingers, and they admire her delicate stitches.

In the meantime I have a folder filled with pictures of Ute Hogen’s embroideries. From time to time I will show one of her projects. It starts with a long, narrow table band.

Always looking for new ideas and more patterns, she support my blog posts. With creativity and good judgment, she develops her own projects. She took suggestions from the Heart Band article and skilfully combined them with suggestions from the article A small band for Practicing Exercises.

She enlarged the hearts to fit the width of the band to be able to place the outlines of the patterns well.

Then Ute did the Forks – Practice Exercises, the Small Pointed Leaves and Blanket Stitch Eyelets – Practice Exercises, the Blanket Stitch Eyelets – Practice Exercises,

the Small Pointed Leaves – Practice Exercises and the Small Pointed Leaves and Tendrils – Practice Exercises and embroidered each center circle with a different filling pattern.

She filled the last circle with the year and her initials.
Washed, starched and then precisely cut out, the pretty band now adorns her table.

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