Women always wore buckle shoes with the festive Schwalm costume. Men also had, in addition to the high-necked buckle shoes, lace-up shoes or boots.
Schwälmer Schnallenschuhe | Schwalm buckle shoes
The buckle shoes had rounded toes. The heels were not high and some were smaller than the shoes so that it looked like small blocks lay below the shoes.
`Kletzschuhe´ | `block´ shoes
For better footing and longer life some heels were shod.
mit Eisen beschlagener Absatz | heel, shod with iron
For women’s shoes the shoemaker had only one shoe last, this means, there was no left or right shoe; both were the same and the ladies would alternate wearing them on the left and right feet so that the shoes would wear equally.

Mostly, the shoes were made from calfskin. The punch-decorated tongues of the women’s shoes were serrated at the top edges and accented with white sheep hide.
weiß hinterlegte Lasche eines Frauenschuhes | white highlighted tongues of a woman´s shoe
The tongues of the men’s shoes had red piping.
rot paspellierte Lasche eines Männerschuhes | red piping on a man´s shoe
On the sides, there were large tabs in a shape similar to a heart – the “ears”.
herzförmige Verlängerungen der Seitenteile, die sog. Ohren | heartformed lengthenings of the side parts, the so calles ears
These were decorated with hole ornamentation made with prickers. For marriage shoes, the year was also pricked into the tabs.
lochverziertes `Ohr´ | hole ornamented `ear´
The “ears” were slid through buckles and draped. Thus the Schwalm buckle shoes made an extravagant impression.
mit Schnallen geschlossene Schuhe | shoes closed with buckles
Besides the buckle shoes, the Schwalm women had some more comfortable shoes, the so-called “Kommod” (=commodious) shoes. With flat heels and low cut, they were worn for everyday life and during old age.
Commod-Schuhe | comfortable shoes

  1. hey luzine,
    ich hab zwei anmerkungen: also auch die männerschuhe sind über einen leisten gearbeitet und worauf die schwälmer die ich kenne, achten: den schuh immer am selben fuß tragen, damit man sich den schuh an einen fuß anpasst.

    • Hallo Sabine,
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