In May I welcomed a group of 18 women from America and Bermuda for a 3-day basic Schwalm Whitework workshop. The workshop included over 8 hours of instruction, admission to my museum, project workbook and all supplies (including finishing supplies and finishing instructions).
It was a whirlwind of activity, but I believe we all had a wonderful time learning, and I think my guests also enjoyed Eschwege.

A wonderful hotel was found where the women could both stay and attend the workshop. And we also arranged a special dinner at Altstadtgasthof Zur Krone. To ensure that everyone received the meal they hoped for, I did a rough translation of the menu into English — I really wanted everyone to be absolutely happy.

Well prepared and with a big basket full of equipment, I left home

Well prepared and with a big basket full of equipment, I left home

On the first day, after many weeks of preparation, I was ready to teach, and the women, who traveled such a great distance, were ready to learn.
The ladies came with equipment bags made especially for the workshop in Eschwege.

The ladies came with equipment bags made especially for the workshop in Eschwege.

I’m sure my nervousness was noticeable, but everyone was so nice that I was soon put at ease. My goal was to have everyone finish their projects before they left Eschwege. I think this ended up being a little too ambitious, but everyone worked hard and with some additional lesson hours all students were able to finish their first small Schwalm projects (Happel Hearts).

Beside transferring the design to the fabric by ironing, learning Coral Knot stitches, Chain stitches and Blanket stitch half-eyelets were all on the program.
On the second day, we were quite the celebrities! Two local newspapers visited and interviewed our group, a radio reporter came, and even the mayor of Eschwege stopped by to welcome the ladies to Eschwege!!

Careful thread withdrawing, as well as learning one of the 6 different filling patterns (chosen for this workshop) were announced.
Because it was too troublesome to bring all the equipment necessary for finishing the project (big pot, a hotplate, an iron, an ironing board, a sewing machine and all the needed material) to the classroom in the hotel, we moved the afternoon lessons to inside the exhibition.
This brought a welcome change, and enabled the women to view other finished, and also unfinished
Schwalm whitework pieces and to “talk shop”.
There were many pleasant surprises over the couple days. The women were so generous in giving me special gifts from their homelands, I arranged for a special sampling of local foods in the hotel garden, and we went on a special walk to the Werra to view the river and local gardens.

They all said, “Thank you for a wonderful experience! It was better than we could have ever imagined. The dinner and stroll was a perfect parting gift.”

I am pleased with the outcome and I think that everyone who attended feels the same.

  1. Of all the needlework adventures that Susan and I have arranged , this was, by far, the most enjoyable, educational, and informative! Luzine is so gifted and well informed, patient and so willing to share her special knowledge with the world of stitchers.
    This trip was full of surprises (good ones). The city of Eswege made all of us welcome. The hotel, gardens, and breakfast were beautiful, clean, and delicious!
    I can’t say enough about the museum. I just wish I could put everyone in my pocket and take you over there. It is truly one of those “national treasures” that should not be missed. Room after room of historical needlework displayed for all to see and admire. Luzine has carefully arranged and displayed each piece to it’t full potential. You can see the love she has in each room of this needlework….
    . I thank you so much for your generous gift of sharing with us and will tuck you in a corner of my heart…hugs …..Sally

  2. I had a wonderful time thanks to you, Luzine, such a good teacher. Shina

  3. I agree with Sally. This was the best ever learning trip. Luzine was very gracious, patient, and hospitable. I plan on reurning.

  4. Das wahr eine sehr gute idee.Als Sie nicht so weit wohnen sollten, käme ich auch.M.H

  5. I found everything about the trip to be wonderful! The hotel, the food, the town and people of Eschwege were simply delightful. But the best part was the opportunity to learn Schwalm work from Luzine. She is a wonderful teacher, so knowledgeable and patient. Her love for this embroidery shines through in her books and her glorious exhibit. I couldn’t look enough at all the beautiful and inspiring pieces of embroidery in the exhibit. Thank you, Luzine!

  6. Is there a way I can find about this course next year or even 2017? I sm english speaking but live in Spain and would love to attend this course in English, it looks wonderful.

    • This workshop was and that for next year is for a complete group – no place left. May be, I will offer one more workshop any day for single participants. I will let you know.
      Thank you for your interest.

  7. I agree with everything everyone has said. We also had perfect weather, and the German people couldn’t have been nicer to us. The classes were fantastic and the hotel excellent. Thank you to everyone involved in setting this up.

  8. I was overwhelmed by how great class was. Luzine was amazing – so patient with us. The town is spectacular and so tourist friendly. And the hotel! Oh my. I can not say enough about what an amazing experience this was and would hope that everyone could participate.

  9. Absolutely breath taking pieces. Loved them.

  10. When the planning for this trip began, it was accompanied by a hope and fingers crossed! Such an educational experience had never been done….but if you know us….you know that is what we believe in doing. Needlework is a universal language….the dialects (techniques) are what change. It is our mission to keep exposing embroiderers to as many historical experiences as we can fit into our life times. Luzine’s knowledge, passion and exhibits exceeded all of our dreams. Thank you! Still Stitching, Susan

  11. After seeing and reading everyone’s experiences, I’m sad I didn’t grab the opportunity. I hope to make the next visit.

    • Susan and Sally are already planning the trip for next year. So you can now grab the opportunity.
      Good Luck!

  12. Einfach fantastisch. Eines Tages tauche auch ich auf. aus Süddeutschland.

  13. Luzine, I have finished the “Tulip” project, but I’m having a problem removing the blue marks. I’m afraid of scrubbing too hard. I have it almost gone but it’s still there faintly. Any suggestions?
    Cathy Snider.

    • Congratiulations, I hope to get a picture of it!
      Please put the wetted piece into the sunshin for bleaching. Make sure, that you will wet it again from time to time.

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