New Year brings new luck. This old proverb also applies, in a modified way, to my readers when they visit my website in 2017. I’m happy to announce innovations helpful to the embroiderer.

My website now provides a new service – line-drawn designs for free downloading!

My enterprising webmaster came up with the clever idea of creating a special download page. On that page one can easily download for free designs in the correct size. For the purpose he has developed a small symbol.
This symbol, seen in conjunction with a line-drawn design, means that you can download the design by clicking on the symbol. Here is how the page will look.
My always thoughtful editor suggested to me that the page I created with the many small pictures, although it is beautiful, would use too much expensive ink/toner for the user who only wants to print the line drawing.

So, a second page, with only the line-drawn designs, was added.
And the best: so that all are easily found, a new overview has been installed. It is similar to the blog archive with thumbnails. On the right side of my blog page you can find a second band with moving pictures. Clicking on this opens the blog archive for all free patterns.
I hope these innovations will make your embroidery time more productive and enjoyable.

  1. Oh,das ist ja super. Ich hatte nämlich schon versucht mir den Schmetterling auszudrucken und er kam einfach riesig raus.Selber dann verkleinern ist doch sehr mühselling. Vielen Dank für den neuen Service.


    • Ja, das hatte ich auch von anderen gehört. Gut also, dass mein Webmaster diese gute Idee hatte und nun die Muster in der richtigen Größe zur Verfügung stehen.

  2. Thank you so much for this helpful innovation! It’s beautiful and thoughtful! Happy 2017!

    • Yes, Judy, it was much work for me and my webmaster to get all conformal and to make it easy. It was worth the trouble – it turned out beautiful, you are right.

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