December is approaching – time to think about ornaments for trimming the tree. This year a bell will be added to the collection of Christmas ornaments.
A bell design with a double outline is transferred to 13.5/cm thread count linen. The original size is 7 cm X 9 cm.
Using coton à broder No. 16, Coral Knot stitches are worked along the inner line. Using coton à broder No. 20 for Blanket stitches and the outside Chain stitches, Chain stitches are first worked a small distance outside the Coral Knot stitches.
Then the outside Chain stitches are covered with densely worked Blanket stitches between the outline and the Coral Knot line. A half-eyelet scallop at the top creates a perfect hole to fasten a hook or hanging string.
Using coton à broder No. 30, Chain stitches are worked directly inside the Coral Knot stitches. The shape is filled with pattern “478.” Thread withdrawing and instructions for working this a simple drawn thread filling pattern can be found here.
After washing, starching, and ironing, the piece is cut.
It is now ready to decorate your tree.

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