Schwälmer Weißstickerei - Ondori
Schwälmer Weißstickerei

Schwälmer Weißstickerei

  • Japan 2004
  • Text: Japanese
  • 63 pages, 47 of them coloured

A book in Japanese with a few German and English subtitles.

Because I cannot read the text, I had to limit myself to the meaningfulness of the pictures; these are very good.

First, there are brilliant photos of historical pieces, then many examples of contemporary Schwalm Whitework are shown. Following these photos are well done step-by-step instructional photos for 10 filling patterns and step-by-step drawings for 6 different hems. And finally, 12 outline designs, descriptions for finishing the different pieces, as well as an alphabet in Cross stitch complete the book.

Some sections of the book are similar to Mrs. Fernau’s and my books.

With such good pictures, one can begin to learn Schwalm embroidery; if one can read Japanese, one will do much better.

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