21st Anniversary for Me – 21% Discount for You (3)

The third and last of the 21-day promotion is 21% discount on mostly all printed books and booklets in my shop.
This discount is valid for orders placed 21 September through 27 September.

If you are interested, please go to my shop. You can find the discounted products easily because they are marked with a banner.

You will see both the original and the discounted prices at bottom of each product.

This is a great opportunity to expand your embroidery library. But act fast because these low prices won’t last long!

A word to the shipping prices:
Envelopes up to 500 g: €3.42 inner the EU and €3.20 outside the EU.
Envelopes up to 1000 g: €7.49 inner the EU and €7 outside the EU.
The envelope has a weight of approximately 90 g, and the weight of the books can be found on bottom of this page. With this information, you will be able to calculate your shipping costs.

21st Anniversary for Me – €2.10 for You (2)

The second of the 21-day promotion is €2.10 for one book (including 7% Value Added Tax – not paid by people from outside the EU). That´s a whopping discount of 88.21%.
This discount is valid for orders placed 14 September through 20 September, while supplies last.

This offer is for Wickelstiche, which is one of my first titles. The book contains eighty-five different effective and easy-to-work Satin stitch patterns.

It is a German edition with an English

or a French translation leaflet.

The beautiful and mostly quick-to-work patterns are described with only a small amount of text and easy-to-follow step-by-step pictures. In my early years of publishing (before I printed books myself), I had to have the book printed in great quantities. This radically reduced price applies to those remnants. So, if you are interested, don´t waste any time to order!

The only hitch is the shipping price. The weight is a few grams more than one pound, so it must be shipped at the two-pound package rate. This is €7 for customers outside the EU and €7.49 for customers inside the EU.
Now the good news: in the last installment of the 21-day promotion, I will offer a discount on printed books. So, after ordering the Wickelstiche book, please email me if you plan to order other books the following week. I will combine your orders to try to save you shipping costs!

The approximately weights of my books and the package material you can find on bottom of this page.

21st Anniversary for Me – 21% Discount for You (1)

The first of the 21-day promotion is a 21% discount on all downloadable products in my shop. This discount is valid for orders placed 7 September through 13 September.

Downloadable products include a couple of instructional books and booklets as well as many beautiful and special designs.

If you are interested, please visit my shop. You can find the downloadable products easily because they are marked with a banner.

You will see both the original and the discounted prices at bottom of each product.

Please, forward this information on discounted prices on to your embroidery friends.

21 Years of Publishing

In September 1998 I started publishing my own books. Now I look back on 21 successful years – 21 years of self-published books –

The only way to print in small quantities and maintain affordable prices was to do almost everything myself. After coming up with the concept of an embroidery project, I had to divide the embroidery into easy-to-understand steps, photograph it and then edit the images, write short but precise descriptive texts, create print layouts, bind the text, and, finally, send the books all around the world.

Schwalm whitework, which still inspires me and which I have specialized in in the meantime, is so incredibly versatile that one cannot negotiate all the possibilities in one publication. In order to be able to present the individual techniques in a comprehensible way, detailed descriptions with good images are needed. Over time, twenty-six different titles have emerged – some of them also designed for left-handers. Almost all of them have now been translated into English; the most important ones have also been translated into French. Some publications have been printed less than 100 times; this doesn’t bother me because I believe it is important to pass on all the components worth knowing. Now there are only two topics missing; once these are written about, I believe I will have described everything on the subject.

Last year I was so busy completing my lessons for beginners that I didn’t even think about the anniversary. The 21st anniversary is now to be duly celebrated. Please celebrate with me!

For 21 days in September there will be various attractive discount promotions. It all begins on 7 September. Look forward to next week’s blog post announcing the first promotion.

And please, forward this and the promotional posts on to your interested embroidery friends.

I have been asked … (2)

Embroiderers have asked me questions regarding the stitch used to stabilize the openwork grid.

They want to know why the stitch in Schwalm whitework is worked so that the slanting stitches crossing the intersections of fabric threads are on the right side of the piece

and not on the wrong side as found, for example, in Hedebo embroidery (please see page 41 of the pdf).

Working a pattern into a grid with slanting stitches on the front makes the pattern appear not as clear as working the pattern with the slanting stitches on the back side.

So, why is it done this way in the Schwalm?

My response:

It is the same reason as for working the stitch on the bias.

Working the stitches on the bias enables the embroiderer to create a couple of different patterns without working a complete openwork grid first. Working this way saves time. And working the slanting stitches on the front establishes a more interesting pattern. Since technique was passed down from teacher to student, usually no alternative method for stabilizing an entire openwork grid was taught. Sometimes the weight of the thread used to stabilize the grid was reduced, thus making the stitches less noticable.

By the way, the Greve Museum for Hedebo Embroidery in Denmark shows interesting pieces. Early Hedebo is a little bit similar to Schwalm whitework.


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