Exhibition 2021

Shortening days and the dark season of the year impair the radiance of a whitework exhibition. Therefore, as announced, it will be closed for this year. When the sun rises higher again, I will be available again from next spring to make appointments to visit the exhibition.

Many visitors took the opportunity to look at all the different embroideries. Nobody has regretted having often traveled a long way.

Many very nice conversations were held and interesting information exchanged. All visitors started their journey home freshly motivated. Some who had actually stopped embroidering were inspired to continue their hobby. The fun of embroidery and the relaxation you find with it count and not the full cupboards and the lack of interest from the heirs.

The extremely positive response is an incentive and driving force for me to keep our beautiful textile art and cultural property alive in the future to the best of my ability.

Preview of the 2021 Exhibition

Preview of the 2021 Exhibition

The work is finished – all ten exhibition rooms are prepared! The decorator Brigitte Siefken did a great job, putting the finishing touches on the arrangement and making the presentation a feast for the eyes.

I haven’t yet counted all the pieces, but I estimate there are now well over 400 exhibits. Interested viewers will be excited to learn that many of the embroideries have never been seen before by the general public!

from August 16 to September 30, 2021
in a time slot from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
pre-arranged time slots between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m.
only to those persons who have been fully vaccinated, recovered, or newly PCR-tested (vaccination card or covid test results card required).
Entrance fee: € 5.00

Please note that the rooms are not barrier-free and can only be reached via many steps.

Here are some pictures to whet your appetite!

Exhibition – Open for a Short Time Only

Exhibition – Open for a Short Time Only

You may have been surprised that no new blog posts have been posted in recent weeks. I used the time to clean and realign my exhibition rooms, which have been lying fallow for almost two years.
My complete vaccination and some requests to visit have led me to ready the many exhibits for viewing before autumn comes.

Of course, the Global Schwalm Sampler occupies a special place. But also a number of other outstanding embroideries were additionally integrated into the exhibition.

Furthermore, selected comparisons of traditional pieces and their contemporary interpretations can be seen.

For the interested viewer, Parade Cushions – Pillow Parade includes many handed down and new embroideries: ring pillows, sachets, pincushions, chair cushions, sofa cushions, neck pillows, so called “Peel” pillows (sacks) and Parade cushions – cushions in all sizes and various designs.

Lately I have sewn, filled, transported and decorated a lot. I’m not quite done yet, but I hope to make it in time.

Stars Shine and Angels Dance expands the Christmas section of the exhibition.

Designs by various designers on the subject of pomegranates and birds will also interest the serious embroiderer.

Let yourself be surprised!

The exhibition will run from 16 August to the end of September. Due to the pandemic, the exhibition will be open by appointment only to those who have been fully vaccinated, recovered, or newly PCR-tested and wearing masks. I invite individuals or small groups to make their appointment by emailing me.

Please note that the rooms are not barrier-free and can only be reached via many steps.

Schwalm Whitework – the exhibition goes on

Ausstellung | exhibition
From the beginning of June through the end of August, the exhibition noble & white attracted many kind visitors to Eschwege and engaged them. The exhibition started off slowly with only a few visitors, but the numbers steadily grew throughout the exhibition’s run. Interested visitors came from all parts of Germany, often having to travel a distance of many hundreds of kilometers; they also traveled from Italy, Switzerland, France, the Netherlands, Lithuania, the United States and Japan. Everyone was struck with the beauty of the presentation and were enthusiastic over the variety of the embroideries on display.

To everyone who made the trek to Eschwege this summer to see my exhibition, thank you from the bottom of my heart for the many good conversations, the productive shop-talks, the compliments and the approval.

Although I did not skimp on public relations and advertising, it has come to my attention that a great number of embroiderers learned about the exhibition too late. They long to see it!

Now I will give them the chance.

The pieces, which were on loan for the noble & white exhibition, have been returned to their owners. The resulting gaps have been filled with other exhibits very worth seeing. So, I now can present a slightly restructured, but still big and interesting, exhibition which I will open for visitors at pre-arranged times. To address the individual needs, I will open the exhibition through special request only. Please note: the exhibition’s summer 2014 hours are no longer valid.

Please send me an email to schedule your special and private viewing of this wonderful exhibition.

The entry price for such a private and special view of the exhibition with 100 % of my attention is:

1 person 12,00 €
2 people 9,00 € per person
3 people 7,00 € per person
4 people 6,00 € per person
5 or more people 5,00 € per person

Gradually, I will develop my museum into a center for Schwalm whitework. To some degree, it is already transpiring since nowhere in the world is there

  • so many different Schwalm crowns shown in one place
  • so many different filling patterns to be seen in one exhibition
  • so many different pieces of contemporary Schwalm whitework gathered into a permanent exhibition
  • such a large and marvelous whitework sampler, made by a single embroiderer

Truly a worthwhile visit!